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Off-Road Driving and Safety Tips

By | December 9, 2013 2:37 am

By Mac Demere/autoMedia.com Going off roading? Here are your choices:  Carry your stuff on your back; walk beside a mule with your stuff on its back; ride in comfort with your stuff in the back of a four-wheel-drive. The speed will be about the same. If you drive much faster than a walking pace there’s a chance you’ll be forced into the first option. As a teenager, I wanted to cross a muddy section of field in a two-wheel-drive pickup on near-bald tires. I assessed that my only hope was speed. (If you ever say, “My only hope is … ” know that the rest of the sentence is ”a miracle.”) When the old Ford hit the swampy strip, it sunk floorboard-deep into the mud and came to a near-instant stop. The rear tires must have come off the ground because I feared it was about to flip forward.Here are ... Read More