Product Review: Cobra JumPack

By | January 28, 2015 10:15 am

We’ve all been there.  Left the lights on in the car, go out the next morning and it won’t start.  No big deal, call a friend and jump the car.  What happens if you’re miles from anywhere and can’t call a friend?  Enter the new Cobra JumPack. This handy little—and we mean little—battery pack has the power to jump your car with ease.  The JumPack touts 200 starting amps and 400 peak amps. It comes with the jumper cables and all. Jump starting a car isn’t the only trick in it’s bag.  The JumPack has a built-in USB 2.1 amp rapid charger.  So your if you don’t want to draw precious power away from your vehicle, plug it into the JumPack and let it do the work. For nighttime use, the JumPack has a super bring flashlight built in.  The flashlight also doubles as an SOS emergency strobe. Charges should ... Read More